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Personalized Nutrition


August 2023 New paper out online. Campus food service users’ support for nudge strategies for fruit and vegetable-rich items: findings from a large Canadian national sample. Access here

July 2023 New paper out – access full text until Sept 6, 2023. Meat reduction among post-secondary students: Exploration of motives, barriers, diets and preferences for meals with partial and full meat substitution. Access Here

May 2022 Key process features of personalized diet counselling in metabolic syndrome: secondary analysis of feasibility study in primary care. See Under CHANGE program, Cardiometabolic Risk.

Purpose and Organization

This website brings the research papers and tools my colleagues and I have developed or published into one convenient location. The content is organized by the themes below. The dropdown menu tabs at the top of the page list subtopics with at least one paper or product. The works are listed once and organized by year, from oldest to newest. Feel free to contact me ( to obtain a personal copy, if access is a problem.

Primary Care

The expansion of team-based primary care has meant new opportunities and need for implementation research on nutrition services.

Cardiometabolic Risk

Cardiometabolic risk conditions Include various combinations of hypertension, dyslipidemia, high waist circumference and elevated blood glucose (including metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes). Prevalence is increasing rapidly in Canada. Diet and increased exercise can improve metabolic dysfunction and reduce the need for medication.


Plant-Based Foods

Increased plant-based foods are widely recommended, based on strong evidence. Yet changing food habits is challenging. This series of studies focuses on promoting increased consumption of fruits, vegetables and dried beans and lentils.


Working papers, clinical topic reviews, links to other initiatives, and studies on other topics.